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May 18 - 20, 2016 in New York City
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Lindsay Young

Urban Adventures
Global Marketing Manager

Lindsay Young is the Global Marketing Manager of Urban Adventures, a day tour operator offering unique, local experiences in more than 125 cities worldwide. Lindsay manages a global marketing team as they grow this young company through content marketing, social media, partnerships, branding, and internal and external communications (to name a few). Prior to Urban Adventures, Lindsay received her MSc in Tourism Management (Honours) from the University of Surrey in the UK. She also has a BA in Geography from the University of British Columbia.

A Toronto native, she moved back home five years ago after six years in Vancouver and a year in England, and can often be found eating and drinking at Toronto’s varied restaurants. Given her love of food and wine, she’s also an avid runner, having competed six half-marathons. Unsurprisingly, travel is her favourite pastime, having visited 44 countries so far, favourites being Iceland, England, and Namibia. Among her more memorable travel experiences are: climbing Malaysia’s Mt Kinabalu, going skydiving over the Namibian desert, cycling across the Netherlands, and spending last new year’s in Reykjavik, running in the annual New Year’s Eve 10K and watching the city get blanketed by hours of fireworks.

Tweet her @lindsontheroad @urbanadventures